I am a Licensed Master Esthetician and Electrologist in the State of Utah with over 30 years experience. I was trained in Canada with a European technique that my cients love. 

As a licensed Electrologist, I use the top-rated Clareblend Elegance machine in ridding you of unwanted hair. I have a gentle touch and am trained at making your experience comfortable and effective.

With my skin care, my microdermabrasion treatments bring renewal to tired aging skin and after only one treatment, the skin is noticeably fresher & younger looking! This treatment addresses hyperpigmented lesions (brown spots) and sparks collagen production with no down time! 

All of the products I use are organic. They are free of artificial fragrances, chemicals and parabens. 

I look forward to meeting you and showing you the way to amazing skin and living hair-free!